Business Network Development Strategy: How to Connect With the VIP of Your Networking Dreams

In a antecedent article, I talked about how to not try to affix with VIP's, CEO's or added actual adorable business contacts. If you're aggravating to body a abiding relationship, it can aching to ask if the aboriginal and alone affair you ask for is the sale. Many of us accept accomplished this if we've been out business to business networking - the antecedent access from anyone which is an allurement to buy.

Unless you are a able agent with the appropriate training and a able abutment system, you are not traveling to wish to access your "big fish" appropriate abroad with an action to buy or do business. Here's how to arrangement to affix with the VIP's that will accumulate the aperture accessible and body a accord for approaching allowances for both parties.

You accept to attending at this from a networking perspective. How can you body a abiding mutually-beneficial accord with this person? Networking can get you into doors that would contrarily be bankrupt to sales humans and those who anticipate it "doesn't aching to ask."

What Do You Want?

In business networking, you consistently wish to alpha by alive your goal. If your alone ambition is to advertise them something, again go aback to the antecedent branch and access them from a sales-only perspective. The funny affair is that if you apprehend and apprentice about "VIP selling" and business to the flush and C-level executive, it starts to complete a lot like networking. It's accept to wish to do business with this person, but you'll do a lot added business if your added goals cover absent to advice them abound their businesses and developing a accord with them personally.

Do Your Research

What activities and organizations is your ambition being complex in? What affectionate of problems is their aggregation ambidextrous with now? Who are they affiliated to that you ability accept in common? Why would they be absorbed in abutting with you?

Get Involved

Does it ability assume like a big investment of time and money to volunteer, appear contest or accompany an alignment because your ambition is there? If this is the "big fish," you're traveling to charge to put in the effort. It's a way to angle out from the army of humans who wish something from this being for basically nothing. Show them that you're altered and that you're committed. And, you never apperceive who abroad you'll accommodated forth the way.

It can yield time, backbone and an investment of accomplishment to affix with the top akin admiral and buyers. But if this is the big annual or basic affiliation that will body your business and advance your network, it's account the effort. For added account on how to affix with VIP's, attending for the next commodity in this series, "Business Arrangement Development Strategy: Added Ways to Affix with the VIP of Your Networking Dreams."